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God does not contradict Himself and the bible does not contradict itself.The ways of God,however, contradict the ways of people.Isaiah 55:8 "For My thoughts are not your thoughts,neither are your ways My ways,saith the Lord".With this scripture reading we see that God contradicts man and man contradicts God.Science will go a long way to contradict the existence of God or His ways and spend billions of dollars in the process.Most intellectuals do not believe in God.On the other hand it's not that God wants to be contrary to mankind.God is who and what He is,His ways are different to the ways of mankind.2 Kings 6:6 "....and the iron did swim".In the time of Elisha an axe floated on top of water.These are the ways of God,they will contradict the ways of man each time.God can expect an economy or your personal situation to swim or float even though everything is pulling you down like heavy iron.God is supernatural and He cannot help it but to be supernatural.In Psalm 103:3 God says I'm the Lord that healeth ALL thy diseases.God did not say some diseases.God did not say some other types of diseases need Scientific research first.He said He heals all diseases.That cancer of the throat,the breast or any part of the body can be healed even right now as you read the works of God,only believe.Any sickness can be healed.Just get inside the atmosphere of the Word of God.Amen.To disbelieve is to call God a liar.I believe whatever is written in the Word because God is His Word.Most churches do not believe in specific scriptures.They will tell you "our church does not believe in that". Are you a child of the church or are you a child of God? God who is so wise knew that His own creation would mock Him in the end times and made some things "hard" for those who mock Him.Many people have sold all that they have just to find a cure for cancer parkinsons disease,tb.You can't even pronounce some of the sicknesses today,they are so many in number.God is saying with boldness that He is the one who heals ALL diseases.In Isaiah 35 the Word says "The wilderness and the solitary place shall be glad for them;and the desert shall rejoice,and blosom as the rose". That there in the cripture,is the pacing,story and calling of the nation of Israel.Israel was put in a i'm preaching.Israel is the standard of the ways and functions of God.Israel is mostly desert country but the Jews on very small pieces of land are the world's best farmers.They have so much crop yield.The desert shall blossom as a rose.Scripture does not lie.It is your intellect nature that lies to you.Israel a hard place but full of fruit and victory.God waits until you have a disease "that can't be cured" and then He says "with God all things are possible".The harder your life becomes the more you excite God enough to come and assist you.Whatever hardness in debt,sickness,joblessness,lack of direction.This is how you qualify for a solution because you (the desert) shall blosom as a rose.Amen.God works according to what you are going through as an individual.He waits until the 11th hour so that your testimony can be sweeter than honey.Let Him come into your life,believe that He can solve any of your problems.The rulership tactic of God against mankind is "hardness of situations" becuase mankind does not respect God as should be the case.If i was you i would say "Yes Lord you make many things so hard and you can make those hard things easy,forgive me Lord please make my life a sweet testimony in each and every way.I will now respect you and ALL of your Word".(My name is Raymond Mafukidze i'm just someone who loves God.Keep the gospel going by making a donation to any of the methods given at the top part of this site) AUDIO BOOK on personal development:YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU WERE MEANT TO BE.View promo video Buy Link

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