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Many people double dare God."If God exists i want to see Him right now! If God exists i want to see Him right here".Here is some very sane news.Someone at the level of Bill Gates,just a mere great man,no matter how much you double dare him to show up when "you" want or else he does not exist,will not listen to such nonsense.Bill Gates knows that he exists.Why then do people expect The Almighty God to just show up and prove Himself whenever snd wherever? God is too big and too important for that.In the time of Moses,the people challenged God to be seen amongst them.They then saw thunder and lightning and said to Moses,you see your God yourself,they ran away.God does not play the clown for anyone.He can appear to people who fear Him and mean well in various ways.In person,in a dream,as a sign,as a miracle or however He chooses.I saw The Lord Jesus Christ in a dream on 10 November 2002.If you belittle God,He will also belittle you like He did to the people in the time of Moses.Just because people challenge the existence of God every day does not mean that He does not exist.He does exist and He is too big and too important to appear to any clown who calls Him on the scene,otherwise the Almighty God will or would be just one of the boys in town or in the neigbourhood.

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