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At times we can make bold statements just to get attention.With the Word of God there is no statement too bold.We mean what we say.God uses death as a tool for proving resurrection.For something to rise again it has to die first or becoming nothing at all.For examplemyour business,your work,your joy have all come to an end.In as far as those things are concerned,all that is left is to maintain your lost virtues or alternatively to rise again.Jesus Christ is all about rising again.Once Christ has risen again like He raised from the dead after three days and three nights,He canot die again.Lazarus was risen from the dead after four days and four nights and he died again.Only Jesus Christ has the power to end or kill death once and for all.If we be in Christ we also kill death forever after we die or in some good cases,Elijah did not even die he was just taken up into the clouds when his time to go had come.God is good.Revelation 1:18 "I am He that liveth,and was dead.and,behold I am alive forever more", Jesus Christ is alive forever more He will never die again,He killed death.He killed the very manifestation of death.Adam the first man was immune from dreath and sin crep in and caused Adam to die.Genesis 5 tells one of the most sad stories in the bible,Adam died, a man who was meant to live forever.Jesus Christ fulfilled John 19:30 "It is finished."This means it is finished,He has paid the price for death,He will not die again and His chosen ones will never fall from eternal life again like what almost happened to Adam but do not worry,the first man Adam has eternal life.God does not lose His investments.The redeem man of the earth including men and women from many generations and nations is God's ultimate investment.I feel like preaching! You invest in stocks,bonds,property or start ups but God invests in people.He invests in the saving and redeeming of people.Amen.Jesus Christ killed death.Those who died in Christ before or after the slaying of the lamb, Jesus on mount calvary will have eternal life.Those who die in Christ now or as chosen vessels of Christ will also have eternal life.Imagine a man a God man killing death.He did it! Jesus Christ killed death.Let us be sober,Life was not supposed to end.It is a mockery when you end life.Today it is not a mockery anymore because Jesu Christ killed death.Amen!

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